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Shock - Link Set KTM Husqvarna
Factory Connection Link Set  KTM Husqvarna
Link set for KTM and Husqvarna bikes
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A linkage is comprised of a delta (or rocker) and a pull rod. When linkage is combined with the frame, swingarm and shock it generates a change in movement from the shock to the rear axle. The shock moves less than the rear wheel and with the linkage in-between the two it is also a tuning parameter. Shock settings and spring rates need to work hand in hand with the linkage in order to provide the right performance at the rear wheel.

The current KTM and Husqvarna linkage is the firmest in the market. This is why their shock spring rates are much softer than the other OEM’s. The KTM and Husqvarna linkage is more progressive than most with a ramping effect towards the end of the stroke. The Factory Connection linkage reduces this ramping effect while maintaining standard chassis layout.

Same spring rates are used with the Factory Connection linkage that would be used with the OEM linkage.

The rear of the motorcycle is not raised or shortened. A Pull Rod only is either shorter or longer which raises or lowers the rear of the motorcycle thus changing chassis layout.

The Factory Connection linkage can be used with OEM shock settings or revalved settings.

Shock compliance is much improved deep in the stroke.

The rear of the bike pushing to the front is greatly reduced.

The rear wheel feels more connected to the ground and traction is better.

Take a look at the before and after video that was created while developing the Factory Connection linkage.

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