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Shock - WP Shock Preload Rings
Factory Connection WP Shock Preload Rings
Preload rings for WP shocks - Requires shock disassembly to install
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NOTE: Disassembly of the shock is required to install / OEM band is utilized.


·         More durable than the OEM plastic pre-load ring. OEM pre-load ring is prone to the plastic adjustment tabs breaking.

·         Machined from high quality aluminum and anodized with a brilliant Nickel plated finish.

·         Aluminum preload ring glides over and engages with shock body threads more effectively which greatly reduces the binding that is common with the OEM plastic pre-load ring.

·         Fits all 2017-2021 HQV and KTM Linkage shocks, 2021 Gas Gas Linkage shocks

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