Any suspension component sent to Factory Connection that does not come STANDARD OEM on the customer's specified Year and Model motorcycle is subject to a $25 additional charge.

During the most recent 2-3 years have seen a noticeable rise in the number of forks and shocks that have been switched from one model / year to another or conversion kits have been installed into an OEM fork.


1. Shock that is the same length yet has 10 mm more stroke and will bottom into the rear fender well before compressing the bump rubber as it should.

2. Some WP Cone Valve forks, that are older and measure 939mm, yet the bike they are being fit to is a chassis designed for is a 950mm WP fork.

3. Customer sends what they believe are forks and shock from 2001 CR500. Upon inspection the forks and shock are actually 1993 components. Mixing components from other motorcycles affects chassis layout, there are many things that affect another part of the motorcycle, we need to ensure the non-standard component will not cause an undesirable performance trait or create a safety issue.


Fork length, Shock length as well as fork / shock stroke and shock linkage are measurements Factory Connection pays particularly close attention to when Rebuilding / Revalving your suspension.

Yes, components from other bikes do fit, however it requires further research and work to ensure the suspension does what it needs to do on the bike to determine Rider Sag, Fork Height etc.

Factory Connection will take this additional care and time to research in these instances to ensure you; the customer have the best performing suspension tailored to your needs and you are aware of any differences in component type, fitment and year of components for your bike that you may be or may not be aware of.