Rebuild - Updates

Service does not stop after the original sale at Factory Connection! Our Rebuild / Update Program is designed to keep you in the most up-to-date Revalve settings we offer.

How it works

Once a set of suspension has been Revalve by Factory Connection, you never pay for a Revalve again on that set of suspension even if the ownership of the bike changes.

You do pay for a Factory Connection Rebuild, Fluids, parts and if needed springs.

For the price of a typical Factory Connection Rebuild the setting will be updated.

Steps to an Update
Factory Connection Setting Decal

If Factory Connection has Revlaved the suspension you have there will be a "setting" decal at the top of the fork (between the triple clamps) with the setting information.

To find out if your suspension qualifies for a Rebuild-Update call Factory Connection 603-664-2221 or use the Contact Form on this website with the information on that setting sticker and we will tell you what the bike was set up for and make recommendations on the changes you need.

Why should you Rebuild-Update?
  • Bike changes ownership
  • Change from Off-Road to Motocross Settings
  • Terrain changes, i.e. rider or bike relocated to a new environment
  • Rider weight gain/loss or improved skill levels

Call us 603-664-2221 and we will go over a Rebuild-Update with you

Rebuild Pricing
WARNING: This product can expose you to certain chemicals, (Cadmium) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to: