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Factory Connection offers simple and easy solutions to shipping your suspension!

How easy?.. easy as 1-2-3
UPS Truck at Factory Connection

Need a suspension box to ship your suspension?

1. Call us! We will send you a purpose made box to ship forks and shock with a pieces of bubble wrap for each component and a Return Shipping Label.

2. Prep your components using our FC Prep Tips and wrap/tape each suspension components with the bubble wrap provided. * We recommend you use addition packing material as needed to safely secure your components in the box.

3. Place the Return Shipping Label we provided on the box and Bring to any UPS shipping location.

IF you already have a Factory Connection suspension box or case to ship your suspension….. Call us and we can Email you a Return Shipping Label!


Use our shipping cost calculator to get a rough estimate on shipping your suspension


Protect your investment!

Although it is extremely rare that suspension is lost or damaged when a Factory Connection provided Shipping Label is utilized we provide shipping insurance for both inbound and outbound shipments.

  • In the event of a loss – Factory Connection will replace the suspension of "like" condition. (an investigation with the carrier must be completed before the replacement is issued; typically 2-10 business days)
  • In the event of a damage – Factory Connection will replace the damaged part of the component at no charge.*

*Note: Incoming packages must be shipped with appropriate packaging. Should components come without sufficient protection around the components and/or additional fill, Factory Connection is not responsible for any damage that occurs.

Factory Connection packages forks /shocks carefully wrapping and taping each component in bubble wrap and uses additional fill to ensure the components "stay put" and secure in the box during transit. In some cases we may ship additional parts in a separate box.

Insuring yourself

In general, Forks $2000 and Shock $1000

Kit suspension, example WP XACT PRO Forks $3500 and Shock $2400.


How to pack your suspension

Shipping Prep Tips

Prior to shipping your suspension...

1. Fork: IF you have Push Button Air Bleed Screws REMOVE them for shipping and replace with your OEM standard screws and o-rings.

2. Fork: IF you have a Holeshot device, please REMOVE the Ring on your RH fork.

3. Fork: Please REMOVE your plastic Fork Guards.

4. Shock: Duct Tape or Zip Tie Eyelet bearing(s) to prevent collars, seals and needles from getting lost.

5. Our technicians appreciate forks and shocks that are mud free!